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Preparing for your Appointment

The team at Overturf's Floor & Fabric Care is thankful you chose our cleaning services.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, eco-friendly products, and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in our attention to detail, and we can't wait to service you and make your floors and fabrics look good again.

Child Friendly


Rapid Dry

Pet Friendly



Preparing For Our Visit

1. Please remove any small items such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, floor plants, etc. from any areas that are going to be cleaned. 

2. For our included light furniture moving, please remove all breakable items from furniture which will have to be temporarily moved and cleaned under.


3. Please pin up any full-length draperies so that they will be at least 6 inches off the floor.  

4. Please pin up any skirts on upholstered furniture, which may be touching the floor. 

5. Computer equipment, china cabinets, sectional sofas, large beds, entertainment centers, antique and fragile furniture cannot be moved. However, carpet underneath such items can be cleaned where sufficient room is available, or we can edge right around the base. 

6. During the pre-inspection walk-through with your technicians, please advise them of any special instructions to follow when moving your furniture. It is helpful to know about weak legs, loose tops or previous repairs. 

7. Please let us know about any spots or stains which may require special attention.

8. Please put your pets in a safe, quiet place where our cleaning won't disturb them and where they can't run outside. 

9. A special note about odors:
We do everything possible to reduce or eliminate odors. However, due to the depth of contamination (such as penetrating to the carpet pad), 100% success may not be attained. Also, for several days after cleaning you may notice an elevated odor due to higher humidity levels. Leave fans running and windows open in these areas if possible.

10. Kids can find all the tools and hoses we use fascinating. However, for safety sake, be sure to keep a very close eye on them while we're there.

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Important After-Care Information

1. Drying Times

Carpet - While we only leave your carpet slightly damp, it can take anywhere from 4-8 hours to completely dry.

Upholstery - We recommend letting upholstery dry for 24 hours before resuming normal use. 

Grout lines - can take 24-48 hours to completely cure, until then they make look spotty as different areas dry at different rates of time.

Run all available fans and turn down your air conditioning to 70°-75°(F) to help speed the drying process. 

Do Not run heat as it will increase dry time. 

2. Please leave any protective tabs we place under your furniture for 48 hours. 
3. As a safety precaution, please do not let your children or pets crawl or lie down on the carpet until it is completely dry. 

4. While you may begin lightly walking on your cleaned carpet or tile immediately, we don't recommend any normal use for at least 4 hours after cleaning. This will allow sufficient drying time.


Damp carpet and grout attract dirt faster than dry floors.
5. Please use extreme caution when walking from the damp carpet to any hard surface area. It can get very slippery.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You'll love our work, we guarantee it

Reliable Service
Quality Workmanship
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